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Ever since its creation, Institut Karité Paris has always tried to give every type of beauty, of any age, the benefits of shea. Because every type of skin has specific needs throughout a lifetime, IKP adapts its treatments to suit your needs at every stage. 

Today, IKP continues to explore the power of this ingredient in treatments with fresher textures, to keep captivating your senses and to apply passion and creativity to celebrating the power of this ingredient, whose countless cosmetic benefits never cease to surprise and amaze.


Institut Karité Paris has always known how to dream.  Because dreams are what make us progress, because they encompass all types of beauty, IKP wants to share this strength; the hallmark of the brand and its identity. IKP invites you on an extraordinary voyage where every olfactory variation of the So Wonderful collection tells its own story. Five fabulous experiences combining exceptional tales, stories of the French art of living, and Parisian glamour.

Today more than ever, Institut Karité Paris taps into the exceptional heritage of Parisian refinement to perpetuate this love of beautiful stories and create authentic and refined products.  


What is the role of Institut Karité Paris? To enhance Shea in order to share its benefits.

IKP seeks out active ingredients in nature to elevate its products. An opportunity to continually renew and promote the superiority and expertise of Nature itself.

With our fragrances, we attempt to echo the delicate scents of the flowers that are at the heart of our formulas. The delicate nature of the rose, the purity of lily of the valley, and the freshness of verbena are all employed as faithfully as possible.

We steep ourselves in the purity of nature to develop carefully dosed treatments. Just as each plant needs specific nutrients, the skin also has its own special requirements. That is why IKP works constantly to give you quality products. Because Shea is a true beauty ally, it is now an ingredient in all 100 of our products. 

Why Karite

Expertr of Shea: 100 products exclusively developed with special ingredient

Parisian Cosmetic Brand, with a touch of poetry & refinement

Shea-based products for all types of skin with different concentration of Shea

(butter, cream or oil) to cover all customer skin types & needs

Product range from Hair Care, Face Care, Body Care to Men Care

Elegant, modern and “boudoir” spirit packaging

High quality perfumes

Made in France




     So Wonderful Collection


Original Collection Skincare

   Original Collection Bath & Body

Rose Mademoiselle Collection



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